Teatri Mobili con Manoviva

Handpuppentheater für Jung und Alt

Freitag, 15.06.2018 - Samstag, 16.06.2018
12:00 - 20:00

Teatri Mobilli is an entire talented family traveling around Europe with a theater on wheels for 35 person maximum; presenting «Manoviva», a unique 30 minutes unspoken show, where Manin and Manon introduce their audience to a fantastic world.

The performance will take place inside the «Truck Theater». Outside of it, you are invited to interact with electromechanical automata boxes, drink a coffee, or have a look at the collection of books about nomadic theater.

«Teatri Mobili» is an artistic collaboration between «Girovago & Rondella» and «Compagnia Dromosofista». Bringing back contemporary puppet theater to the street and restoring its popularity, that’s the project’s aim, which we strongly support!